Server SA;MP Trucking

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Server SA;MP Trucking

Mesaj Scris de Legolas la data de Mier Mar 20, 2013 10:41 am

Hello, me and Delux13 aka Ikarus made a trucking gm together.
So we used it for a while got a few players, but since we moved to a
Stunt server we though to offer you a greate trucking game mode
Do not re-release it without my permission.

What does it have?
An made from scratch admin system, with /acmds so you can check the admin commands.
A gps system with no locations xD (can add it in SetPlayerGPS(playerid,id))
A fuel system
A phone system
A bank system (can create banks in game /createbank)
A shop system (can create shops in game /createshop)
A meter counter (counts the distance you have traveled)
A speed meter
Cop profession
Assistance profession
Trucker profession
Taxi profession (can go on /fare and pickup normal players or /work)
Others profession (Hitman and rapist)
A very restricted ban system
A /rob system
When you infect someone as a rapist it randoms if he gets infected with chlamydia or not, if yes it kills him slowly
A inventory system
A time system with a textdraw
A weather system
A rank system with various ranks
Much more! Discover by yourself!

Includes you are going to need
SII - [DRuG]Slick
streamer - Incognito
sscanf2 - Y_less
GetVehicleName - erhm I had it in my folder :b

The trucking include from some guy i found on the forums. We made like one hell of an edit of it, because it had
Bugs, and we edited it for each trailer...

Extra explanation

So when you /rob someone it sets a var to 1 so he cant spam it and a timer, and his wanted level goes up

When you /phone, it asks who do you want to call, if the other player doesn't have a phone, then it will pop up an error

When your a taxi driver you can /work and make missions, and at the same time you can go on /fare

Counts when your trailer is detached from your truck when you load it

Cops when they spawn it shows a dialog saying "Lv Sf or LS" to choose their spawn city.

Then the cops, when they spawn, will show another dialog saying to choose a weapon class.

Cops can /suspects to see the current suspects and they can /arrest (arrest time saved on disconnect)

Sorry if i forgot something.

Known bugs

None till current.
Report if you find any.
Quote: 1.0 Initial release
2.0 Fixed /fuelcar and /fixcar, and added sound to them both. Fixed a rank bug

A random trucker spawn:

[Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link]

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Re: Server SA;MP Trucking

Mesaj Scris de Shumy la data de Sam Iun 29, 2013 8:37 am

Esti prea tare Legolas. Multumesc foarte mult !
Membru Loial
Membru Loial

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